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about Horizon LLC

Horizon Advanced Solutions is a unique, all-encompassing import and export service provider for UAE.

Established in 2020, we support companies aiming to scale their business development, penetrate new markets and expand their product offering through foreign trade operations.

We cover the documentation, shipping procedures, and any additional steps before the movement of the goods occurs. We help international businesses to flourish with great comfort and ease.

We organize worldwide sourcing of products, import, export, freight, customs clearance, distribution, storage, and financial planning. We work alongside our clients, assisting them in expanding their product portfolio, and managing their commercial relationships. We develop the right trade strategy suitable for their product needs, volumes, and certifications.


To innovate, source and expand our service portfolio exceeding the customer expectations through quality-driven service and competitive prices.



Our vision is to build accessible markets for everybody. We strive to promote an open and safe cultural exchange.

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